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MuralShield™ is a preservation and anti-graffiti coating system that creates durable and highly maintainable murals. MuralShield™ is a two part system that consolidates, provides UV protection, and vandalism protection when used with Worlds Best Graffiti Coating (WBCG). Conserves, restores, and preserves acrylic and aerosol murals. Use over new murals or weather-aged murals to preserve and protect!

MuralShield™ incorporates a blend of Ultraviolet Light Absorber and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer to prolong the life of fugitive colors and delicate paint binders. Together, they offer broad spectral coverage against ultraviolet light-based deterioration, while trapping free radicals to prevent paint cracking and chalking.

Use MuralShield™ over existing murals to restore color and consolidate weather-worn pigments. MuralShield™ is also ideal for the preparation of painted or uncoated walls before painting a mural. 

MuralShield™ makes sunken pigments vibrant. Sheen is luster with minimal reflection when used with World's Best Graffiti CoatingMuralShield™ is solvent-based, while World's Best Graffiti Coating is water-based.

Use on acrylic-based paints, hybrid water-based paints, and fine art aerosol spray paints. Always test before use. Oil-based paints are generally not suitable for long-term outdoor murals. MuralShield™ will not consolidate through oil-based paint, but will instead act as a coating. 

As a consolidant, MuralShield™ is best sprayed. Use solvent-rated spray equipment and protective gear. World's Best Graffiti Coating is best sprayed or brushed, avoid rolling on. For more detailed information on how to apply MuralShield, Click Here.

For small graffiti removals or repairs, use Graffiti Safewipes. For large graffiti removals or repairs, use Heritage Graffiti Remover, or Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover.

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MuralShield and World's Best Graffiti Coating

1 gallon of MuralShield will cover up to approx. 200-300 sq ft.

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Aerosol and 1 Quart Sizes Coming Soon

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2 x 5g
3 x 5g
13-16g 4 x 5g $156.00
17g+ 5+ 5g $195.00 Max

MuralShield Safety Datasheet