Maintain your mural with the MuralShield™ System

Turn back time

Art and Chemistry

Increase the vibrancy and longevity of your mural

Protect Acrylic Murals, Aerosol Murals, and Street Art against vandalism, UV damage, grime, and weathering

Fast drying with a vibrant, clear, satin finish

Ideal for protecting new or existing works

Easily painted over for touch-ups–no stripping required!

MuralShield™ Protects

Protected by MuralShield™

Artists and organizations across the country are using MuralShield™ 
to protect their fine art acrylic and aerosol murals

MuralShield™ Protects and Preserves

Artists across the US are choosing MuralShield™ to protect and preserve their artworks. From citywide mural programs and major artist commissions, to community-based school projects, we are here to advise and provide you with quality conservation-grade protective coatings.

Developed with over 40 years of experience in creating murals and public art, MuralShield is the best choice for ensuring the longevity and vibrancy of acrylic and aerosol artworks.

MuralShield™ is the only product I trust to protect The Great Wall of Los Angeles!

Judith F. Baca

[Our mural] has been tagged a few times, but we were able to easily power-wash or scrub off the aerosol paint or wax marker

Tiffany, PDX Street Art

1..2..and Done!

MuralShield™ is a two-solution process for preserving fine art murals and aerosol art.

Only need environmental protection? Apply MuralShield™. Think your mural will get vandalized? Add World's Best Graffiti Coating for full preservation!

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Due to unprecedented delays in our supply chain caused by the pandemic, we currently are unable to fulfill orders of MuralShield™.

While we work to resolve the manufacturing challenges, we welcome you to sign up for notifications on when MuralShield will become available.


Protect and Preserve

When your artwork is protected by MuralShield™, ongoing maintenance is no problem. Use our eco-friendly solvents to rinse away unwanted markings. Reapply World's Best Graffiti Coating and you are set. 

Developed with long term preservation in mind, reapply MuralShield™ every 7-10 years as needed.

In Los Angeles? SPARC Conservation Techs are here to help. Contact us for more info.

Supports Future Artists!

MuralShield™ products support SPARC's art education programs 
in Los Angeles public schools