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SPARC Mural Restoration Projects

Hitting the Wall

Restored in 2007, 2013, and 2021

In recent months, there has been a proliferation of tagging on murals throughout City of Los Angeles freeways. This has resulted in the whitewashing of several murals by Cal Trans. Judy Baca’s 1984 Olympics mural has been nearly destroyed; the entire bottom half of the mural was ‘grayed-out’, apparently in mid-October. Not the work of taggers this time, but by an anonymous freeway graffiti paint-over program.

SPARC Mural Restoration Projects

Great Wall of Los Angeles

Restored in 2011

“The restoration of the Great Wall of Los Angeles is a massive undertaking. Every segment of the 2,750ft is cleaned, examined and treated to bring it back to its original state of brilliant color. Within the three-month dry season in the Los Angeles River the work must be completed racing against a clock that is determined by the difficult conditions of heat, water flow, rain and other factors of the unique site in the Los Angeles flood control channel. The site channels the main water flow through the San Fernando Valley to the ocean and becomes extremely perilous in a rain storm so weather watches and evacuation methods are a constant worry for the 30 members of the restoration team composed of professional muralist, interns from universities around the country, local volunteers and past participants of the Great Wall productions.” - Judy Baca

SPARC Mural Restoration Projects

Alice Patrick Mural Restoration

Restored in 2012

Funding from the Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas for SPARC’s Mural Rescue Program, made it possible for Alice Patrick’s mural “Women Do Get Weary But They Don’t Give Up” to be fully restored, completed with an anti-graffiti coating, it will remain for another generation to come. [Click here for Location]