MuralShield™ & World's Best Graffiti Coating Calculator

Use this coating calculator to determine how much product you need to protect your mural. Select the type of wall you have painted (or will paint on). Certain walls are more absorbent than others, which requires more product to achieve a good coating. Stucco requires more coating than a smooth concrete surface. These calculations include enough product to apply the recommended 2 coats. Contact us at for more help.

Approximate coverage:

  • 1 gallon of MuralShield™ covers 200-300 sq ft including two coats.
  • 1 gallon of World's Best Graffiti Coating covers about 300-350 sq ft including 2 coats.

Enter the wall type and dimensions of your mural to calculate suggested quantities below.

Type of Wall: Height of Mural (ft): Width of Mural (ft): Area of Mural (sq ft): Height (ft) × Width (ft) = Area

MuralShield Square Ft Coverage (Sq Ft):

World's Best Graffiti Coating Square Ft Coverage (Sq Ft):

MuralShield (gal):

WB Graffiti Coating (gal):

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