How to Remove Graffiti with MuralShield™

Small Scale "Tag" Removal Jobs

Step 1 Apply SENSITIVE SURFACE or HERITAGE GRAFFITI REMOVER with a solvent-rated brush. Agitate the graffiti with your brush as the product is applied.

Step 2 Wipe away dissolved graffiti with a damp cloth.

Step 3 Once satisfied with the results, thoroughly rinse the affected area and allow the surface to dry. Re-apply two to three coats of WORLD’S BEST GRAFFITI COATING by spray, roller, or brush.

Large Scale Graffiti Removal Jobs

For large scale removals, such as bombs, heavy tagging, filled in bubble writing, buffed or painted over murals.

Step 1 Work in sections of 5-10 sq. ft. Apply HERITAGE GRAFFITI REMOVER using a pump up sprayer, nylon brush or broom, and agitate.

Step 2 You will see the graffiti gradually dissolve on the surface. Rinse the dissolved graffiti using a pressure washer with a 25 degree tip maintaining a distance of 6” - 12” away from the mural surface in order to ensure no damage to the acrylic paint layer.

Step 3 Any remaining graffiti can be spot cleaned using HERITAGE REMOVER or SENSITIVE SURFACE REMOVER and a nylon bristle brush.

Step 4 Once all graffiti is removed, rinse the entire mural clean. Allow 15-30 minutes before reapplying WORLD’S BEST GRAFFITI COATING.

Step 5 Apply two coats of WORLD’S BEST GRAFFITI COATING by spray, roller, or brush.